The "Super Stick Shift“, a rally for supercars built between 1974 and 1995 is called took place according to the motto "when supercars were superstars". Analog driving pleasure par excellence on spectacular alpine roads! For all those who have given their heart to analog supercars but have not yet found the right group of like-minded people, this event with lots of (driving) fun is highly recommended. The eligible vehicles are very exclusive and precisely selected: Manual transmission - two doors - top of the range - no electronic helpers.

 “When Supercars were Superstars” is the motto of the latest addition to our International St. Moritz Automobile Week, the “Super Stick Shift” rally. Close your eyes for a moment and think of the opening sequence of “Cannonball Run”: Did the girls in the Countach have ESP, ABS, DSC and servo? More likely not, but they did have fun -  driving, not being driven”. Simple rules:

  • Sport and super sports cars
  • Manual transmission
  • Rear or all-wheel drive
  • Maximum two doors, coupé or open body

Intended exclusively for super sports cars built between 01.01.1974 and 31.12.1995, when there were no electronic driving aids. The hand-shifted driving pleasure was pure and had to do with skill instead of strolling. Exactly the vehicles that were not only the most sought-after trump cards in the quartet of cars, but which still today cause emotions: 

The “Super Stick Shift” rally takes participants on two eventful days of driving over a total distance of around 750 kilometers along some of the most spectacular alpine roads around St. Moritz.

With roadbook and gasoline in the blood, not to mention enthusiasm. To ensure exclusivity the number of participants is strictly limited - your ticket is your vehicle. Electronic driving aids have to stay outside, we want to get back to the original experience: throttle - clutch - brake.

Intended for all collectors for whom the fun of driving their great automobiles is just as important as the cultivated get-together and party in the “Top of the World” region in the Swiss Engadin and Puschlav. As an event within the framework of the St. Moritz Automobile Week, “Super Stick Shift” is guaranteed to be free of stress in the proven manner, but instead embedded in the hospitality and the Swiss landscape.



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