Kilomètre Lancé will take place for the third time

Dear friends of historic motorsports, 

from September 8 to 10, 2023, the Kilomètre Lancé will take place for the third time as the kick-off event of the International St. Moritz Automobile Week. Already on Friday, historic aircraft are expected at Engadin Airport. The sprints on Saturday offer some highlights.


Mercedes-Benz Heritage will not only bring aerodynamic milestones like the 540 K "Berlin-Rome" from 1938 to St. Moritz, but also Le Mans winning cars. We are looking forward to Bernd Mayländer in the Sauber-Mercedes C 9, the winning car of 1989, which is around 400 kilometers per hour fast.

Can the 34-year-old Group C racer still keep up with the brand-new Aston Martin Valkyrie?

The official world record attempt by local hero Indi Schläfli will also be exciting. He will be pulled on rollerblades by the 830-hp Ferrari 812 Superfast, which will accelerate up to 200 kilometers per hour. 

A treat for motorcycle gourmets will also be the sprints of the legendary Brough Superior SS100 built between 1924 and 1940 against an outstanding motorcycle from German production, the DKW 250 SS "Ladepumpe".  In the chronology of famous motorcycles, a Norton Manx (1946 to 1963) will take part, as will a BMW R 68 from 1952. Lightning-fast superbikes of the modern era, as well as spectacular motorcycles from the customizing scene or representatives of alternative drive concepts, round off the extensive portfolio of two-wheelers. All types of vehicles and all drive technologies are welcome at the Kilomètre Lancé.

Our Porsche diesel race becomes a country competition. After the lunch break, all 15 "red noses" will compete against each other with a Le Mans start. In the late afternoon, the three fastest tractor friends from Italy/South Tyrol will duel with the three fastest Germans. Incidentally, most of the Porsche diesels will be arriving on their own wheels.

A total of around 100 selected vehicles will be on the runway this weekend.


Our jury for the "Driven by Design" award, headed by Prof. James Kelly, is again a top-class one. As a reminder, all participants will be judged by this international jury at full acceleration, as the vehicles have a completely different feel at full speed. They literally claw their way into the asphalt, can be heard and also smelled. A car or motorcycle appeals to all the senses when sprinting.

Our second side event, the "Fly High" is also picking up speed.  Some of the most experienced pilots of the Swiss and German classic scene come to the Engadin with their lovingly restored historic aircraft. In addition to the beautiful lightweights such as the Erco Ercoupe or the Globe Swift as well as the Beechcraft 18 equipped with two powerful radial engines, other absolute highlights of aviation history have announced themselves: A Pitts Spezial, the most sought-after vintage aircraft of all aerobatic pilots also a former training aircraft of the Swiss military, a North American T-6. But the star of the Fly High 2023 is without a doubt a so-called Warbird, a Mustang from 1944.


The Kilométer Lancé is defined by the Solitude GmbH as a mobility festival. Tobias Aichele explains: "We have the professional umbrella of the International St. Moritz Automobile Week, the tradition of the event going back to 1929, with St. Moritz one of the most desirable locations in the world, and with the approximately 1.8-kilometer-long runway of Engadin Airport a unique selling point in Europe, which is also suitable for record-breaking vehicles. This cocktail leads to the magic of the event."

All six events of the International. St. Moritz Automobile Week (ISAW) are summarized on the community homepage

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