„Motoring Event of the Year“

Die internationale St. Moritzer Automobilwoche wurde mit der Veranstaltung Kilomètre Lancé zum weltweit besten Motor-Event des Jahres gekürt

Kilomètre Lancé event nominated as the best motoring event in the world

International St. Moritz Motoring Week with the Kilomètre Lancé event nominated as the best motoring event in the world

 The Kilomètre Lancé, organised under the umbrella of the International St. Moritz Motoring Week from 2 to 4 September, has been nominated for the Historic Motoring Awards 2022 in the category "Motoring Event". This is the only award given worldwide for outstanding achievements in the classic car industry.

Das Kilomètre Lancé vom 2. bis 4. September 2022

St. Moritz. Das Kilomètre Lancé vom 2. bis 4. September 2022 auf dem Engadin Airport in St. Moritz war ein großer Erfolg. Auch anfängliche Wetterkapriolen sahen die 65 Automobile und Motorräder als Herausforderung und nutzten die großzügigen Fahrzeiten, um sich zu messen, um Rekorde aus der Frühzeit des Beschleunigungsrennen zu jagen oder einfach nur, um diese Fahrt in Richtung Horizont zu genießen.

The way is the goal

It is time. From all parts of Europe, participants will make their way to the Kilomètre Lancé from 2 to 4 September 2022 in St. Moritz. However, Solitude GmbH as the organiser within the framework of the International St. Moritz Automobile Week would like to pay homage above all to those who travel to the highest airport in Europe with the competition vehicles on their own wheels.

New design award as part of the Kilomètre Lancé. ISAW hosts Mobility Forum St. Moritz

St. Moritz. Prof. James Kelly of Pforzheim University, Transportation Design and Tobias Aichele of PR and event agency Solitude GmbH have launched a new design award format, "Driven by Design". According to this, vehicles are evaluated at full speed. This is when a car or motorcycle appeals to all the senses.

Motorcycle highlights at the Kilomètre Lancé

There are only five starting places left for the motorcycles!

With the starting number 1, the Brough Superior SS100 takes the 1000-meter sprint under its wheels. Until the Second World War, motorcycles with the 70 hp twin were considered the world's fastest and best-manufactured machines. The brand became famous through the British colonel, spy and writer T. E. Lawrence. The fanatical sportsman and motorcyclist had acquired seven new Brough Superior in twelve years, covering up to 800 kilometers a day on his numerous journeys.

The "Blitzen-Benz" at Kilomètre Lancé

Hermann Layher brings the fastest vehicle over 100 years ago to the Kilomètre Lance. The "Blitzen-Benz" made history with a top speed of 228.1 kilometers per hour. From September 2nd to 4th, 2022, Solitude GmbH will revive the drag race at Engadin Airport as part of the International St. Moritz Automobile Week. Sprints from a standing start to 1000 meters, as in the founding year 1929.

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